Savouring every moment

This seems like a strange title to be inspired to write when I’m in bed at twenty past eleven at night, with a very awake 5 week old who has just had to have a complete pj change plus mini hair wash due to bringing back up milk, while hiccupping and having a nappy change!!! (The multi tasking capabilities of a baby!!)

But these moments are also the ones that it is important to cherish. No, not the clearing up after all of the above, but the baby in my arms, the big eyes staring up at me, the closeness as I hold him. All moments which I am very aware will one day just be a distant memory. I want to make the most of every stage. 

Looking back over the last 6 weeks of my life I can already see how my baby has changed. Small things like growing big enough to now fit into some new born size baby clothes. Seeing how he is taking in more of what is going on around him. Watching him experience a new texture or sound. Seeing the way he studies his reflection in a mirror. No these things aren’t big enough to make it onto a baby milestone card, but they are big in his life journey so far. Each moment just as precious and a building block. But rather than racing him on to the next stage, I want to savour those we are experiencing now.

Maybe I am more aware of this as a second time mum than I was last time. Last time I still appreciated every step, but it also felt like it was always a competition on who would get to the next milestone first. Who would do it best.

I understand that there are development stages, but I want my boy to get to them when it’s right for him, not cos I want him to beat his peers. To me he’s not mummy’s chin, daddy’s eyes, grandad’s nose . While he might have those traits, he’s a little person, unique in the world and making his way along the path set out before him. He’ll get through each stage at his pace, I’m just walking the walk with him.


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